Vehicle Management Application

Driving Efficiency, Powering Progress: Your EV, Managed Smart

Application Analytics Overview

An intelligence data platform to help the fleet manager in making smart decisions in monitoring, control, manage, & support along in a cost effective & secure way. Application support and designed in a way to mange effective fleet operations or real-time critical data monitoring anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for large distributed fleets.

Digital Overview

Business Analytics


Predictive Maintenance and Health Monitoring

Utilizes data analytics to predict maintenance needs, monitor vehicle health in real-time, and provide proactive alerts to prevent breakdowns or issues before they occur.


Fleet Optimization and Efficiency Analysis

Offers analytics to optimize fleet operations, including route planning, vehicle utilization, fuel efficiency, and driver performance, leading to cost savings and enhanced productivity.


Customizable Reporting and Insights

Provides customizable reports and in-depth insights into vehicle performance, operational trends, and cost breakdowns, enabling data-driven decision-making for better resource allocation and strategy

Top Key Features

Easy to access the dashboard

Total KMS drive Daily/monthly /yearly usage

Energy consumption against total KMs

Fuel Saving against Total KMs

CO2 saving against total KMs

Vehicle performance report

SOH of battery

Driver performance report

Trip Planner

Route Optimization

Battery Life cycle

Real time Battery Range

Why Augmentaa

Vehicle Management Application?

Comprehensive Analytics

WOur platform provides in-depth analytics and predictive insights, enabling proactive maintenance, cost optimization, and efficient fleet management for EVs.

User-Centric Interface

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, our application simplifies complex data into actionable insights, making it easy for users to manage and optimize their electric vehicle operations.

Scalability and Customization

Our application is scalable to accommodate various EV models and fleet sizes, offering customizable features tailored to specific user needs, ensuring adaptability to evolving requirements.