EV Charger Management

Core fucntion of EV Charging Application

EV Charger Management Application

Augmentaa offers a standard and customized solution as per CPO/OEMs demands to fulfil the need as EV market is growing multi-fold and charging infrastructure is the basic requirement to sustain this market. We support:

International standard recognized by governments and industry around the globe.

Standard interface for communication between multiple CPOs

Offers seamless interoperability and capability using a single app

EV drivers a broader range of charging stations which reduces their range anxiety

Operating Environment of CMS

Remote Monitoring and Control

Enables operators to remotely monitor charging station status, manage power flow, and troubleshoot issues, ensuring efficient operations and timely maintenance.

User Authentication and Access Control

Provides secure user authentication methods, such as RFID cards or mobile apps, to control access to charging stations and manage user permissions for different types of charging.

Real-time Data Analytics

Collects and analyzes charging data in real-time, providing insights into usage patterns, energy consumption, peak hours, and trends, aiding in network optimization and future planning

Schedule availability

Enables operators to schedule charging sessions, manage charging distribution, and implement smart charging strategies to avoid grid strain during peak demand periods.

Billing and Payment Integration

Allows for flexible billing options, including pay-per-use, subscription models, or flat rates, and integrates secure payment gateways to streamline transactions for EV charging services.

Network Scalability and Interoperability

Supports the integration of various charging station types and brands into a unified system, ensuring scalability and compatibility for expanding charging networks.

Fault Monitoring and Alerts

Monitors charging station health, detects faults or malfunctions, and sends alerts to operators or users to address issues promptly, minimizing downtime and optimizing station reliability.

API Integration and Third-party Connectivity

Offers APIs for integration with other systems, such as fleet management software or energy management systems, allowing seamless data exchange and functionality

Customizable Dashboard and Reporting

Provides a user-friendly dashboard with customizable reporting options, allowing operators to visualize data and performance metrics tailored to their needs

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

Enables remote software updates for charging stations, ensuring they remain up-to-date with the latest features, security patches, and improvements.

Fleet Management Capabilities

Provides functionalities tailored for managing fleets of electric vehicles, including centralized control, scheduling, and reporting for commercial or organizational purposes.

24/7 Helpdesk Assistance

Providing round-the-clock customer service ensures that users can seek assistance or report issues at any time, improving accessibility and user satisfaction.


How does It work?

Electric Vehicle Charge Management Systems (CMS) facilitate the operation and control of EV chargers. Here are three major functions


Remote Monitoring and Control

CMS allows operators to remotely monitor charging station status, manage power flow, and diagnose issues, ensuring efficient operations and timely maintenance without physical intervention.


Billing and Payment Integration

It enables seamless billing processes by integrating payment gateways, tracking charging sessions, and generating invoices based on various billing models.


Load Management and Optimization

CMS implements load balancing strategies, schedules charging sessions, and adjusts power distribution to optimize energy usage.

You'll also get

Customer Application interfaces


Charger Location and Availability

The app allows users to locate nearby charging stations, view their availability in real-time, and reserve or navigate to them, enhancing convenience and accessibility.


Charging Session Management

It enables users to initiate and monitor charging sessions remotely, check charging progress, receive notifications upon completion, and manage session history for convenience and tracking purposes.


Payment and Billing Integration

Users can securely process payments, choose various payment methods, view pricing information, and receive invoices or receipts for charging sessions, ensuring transparent and hassle-free transactions


User Authentication and Access Control

The app offers secure authentication methods, such as RFID cards or mobile-based authentication, allowing users to access the charging stations and manage their accounts securely.


Real-time Notifications and Alerts

It provides users with real-time updates on charging station status, alerts for session completion or interruptions, and reminders to unplug after sessions, improving user experience and efficiency


User Support and Feedback

The application includes support channels, FAQs, and feedback mechanisms, enabling users to seek assistance, report issues, and provide feedback, contributing to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.