Battery Analytics Platform


Building EV Batteries Intelligent

Monitor Battery health, location and utilization.

Manage your EV battery remote from anywhere.

Get real time updates for SOC, SOH or location.,/p>

Dynamicreports, health measurment and predictive safety benchamrks control.

Powering Performance, Guiding Sustainability Your EV, Optimized


User-Facing Dashboard and Reporting

"Insights at Your Fingertips, Decisions in Your Hands."


Battery Health Monitoring

"Empowering Longevity, Ensuring Performance."


Charging Pattern Analysis

"Optimize Charge, Enhance Efficiency."


Predictive Maintenance and Fault Detection

"Anticipate, Prevent, Perform."


SOC Determination

"Empowering Every Mile. Real-Time SOC Insights for Your EV Battery."


Energy Consumption and Efficiency Tracking

"Maximize Range, Minimize Waste."

Drive Business

A winning formula for an EV Mobility Application should focus on

Seamless User Experience:

Designing an interface that is intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to navigate, ensuring users can effortlessly access battery health data, charging status, and predictive maintenance alerts.

Real-time Updates

Providing instant and accurate updates on State of Charge (SoC), estimated range, charging progress, and any alerts or notifications regarding battery health or charging sessions, ensuring users stay informed at all times.


Integration with the Flexible Architecture & Data Standardization

Implementing a standardized approach to interpret and manage data from different battery models, ensuring compatibility and seamless interpretation across diverse battery technologies.

Establishing collaborations or partnerships with EV battery manufacturers to access proprietary data and develop tailored analytics solutions specific to each battery model, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness.