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Business Workplace

Empowering Business, Energizing Change EV Charging Solutions at Your Service

Implementing EV charging stations at business venues offers a multitude of advantages. These include attracting more customers by providing added convenience and fostering customer loyalty. Furthermore, it enhances employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention by promoting a sustainable workplace, while also presenting opportunities for additional revenue streams through various charging services and partnerships. Additionally, it enhances the corporate image by showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability and aligning with corporate social responsibility goals. Finally, this proactive approach positions businesses ahead of the curve, preparing them for the increasing demand and integration of electric vehicles in the future.

Advantage Of Business Workplace for EV charger

How Business Workplace can befifites

Paid Charging Services

Offer paid charging services to employees, customers, or the public, creating a revenue stream.

Partnerships & Sponsorships:

Collaborate with EV manufacturers or energy companies for sponsorship opportunities or exclusive partnerships, providing mutual benefits.


Implement membership or subscription models for regular users, offering discounted or exclusive charging rates.

Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

Promotes a sustainable workplace, boosting morale and productivity while attracting and retaining top talent.


Positions businesses at the forefront of an evolving market, anticipating and accommodating the rising demand for electric vehicles

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Embracing sustainable initiatives like EV charging aligns with CSR goals, enhancing the brand's reputation and demonstrating commitment to environmental stewardship.

Data Monetization

Collect data on charging patterns and behaviors (with user consent) to offer analytics or insights to third parties, such as urban planners or energy companies, for a fee.

Advertising Opportunities:

Utilize charging stations as advertising spaces for businesses seeking exposure to a captive audience during charging sessions.

Why Business Workplace

Why Choose ?

Retail sites that host EV charging infrastructure can attract a new customer base, increase the amount of time and money consumers spend on site, and benefit from positive corporate branding, customer loyalty, and new advertising opportunities. All this, plus the potential to add new revenue streams from direct sale of charging to customers or advertising revenue from on-charger displays. Read on to learn more about the unique opportunities and business benefits available to retailers with public EV charging infrastructure.