L3/L5 OEMs (EV)

electric 3W cargo

Top electric 3W cargo vehicles in L5 Category

Categorization of electric 3Ws

There are two categories of electric three-wheelers used in cargo applications, defined as follows:

L5N – A three-wheeled motor vehicle with a maximum speed exceeding 25 kmph and motor power exceeding 0.25 kW. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is limited to 1500 kg (excluding the weight of traction batteries).

L3 or e-carts – Speed less than 25km/h and motor power less than 2 kW. Such vehicles are constructed or adapted for carrying goods by providing a separate load body or compartment with the maximum weight 310 kg in addition to driver.

Qualification CriteriaL5L3
Top Speed> 25 km/h 25 km/h
Motor Power> 250 W< 2000 W

Top electric 3W cargo models in L5 Category

ModelTreo Zor
Motor Power8 kW
Top Speed (km/hr)50
Range (km)125
Max Payload (kg)500-578
Charging Time3 h 50 min
Electric Energy consumption (KWh per 100KM)6.44
Battery TechnologyLi-Ion (Lithium Iron phosphate)
Battery Capacity (kWh)7.4
Battery Density (Wh/Kg)129.2
Battery cycle (No. of Cycles)2000
Warranty3 years or 80 000 km

Model Ape E-Xtra FX
Motor Power9.55 kW
Top Speed (km/hr)45
Range (km)142
Max Payload (kg)500
Charging Time3 hours, 45 mins
Electric Energy consumption (KWh per 100KM)6.7
Battery TechnologyLi-Ion (NMC)
Battery Capacity (kWh)8.5
Vehicle warranty3 year / 1 lakh km

ModelsHiLoad DVHiLoad PV
Motor Power10.96 kW7.1 kW
Top Speed (km/hr)4444
Range (km)150129
Max Payload (kg)688655
Charging Time4-5 hours
Electric Energy consumption (KWh per 100KM)7.79.6
Battery TechnologyLi-ion (NCA)
Battery Capacity (kWh)12.411.5
Battery cycle (No. of Cycles)20002000

Motor Power5 kW
Top Speed (km/hr)40
Range (km)100-130
Max Payload (kg)500
Top Speed45 mph
Charging Time4 hours 
Payload Capacity500 kg+
Electric Energy consumption (KWh per 100KM)8.66
Battery TechnologyLi-ion (LFP)
Battery Capacity (kWh)9.8
Battery Density (Wh/Kg)140
Battery cycle (No. of Cycles)1500

GMW Taskman SmartAuto L5Specifications
Motor4.5 kW
BatteryLi-ion, 7 kWh
Charging Time3 hours
Top Speed55 km/h
Range110 km
Max Payload500 kg
Vehice Warranty1 year

Kinetic Safar Star 400 MSV L5Specifications
Motor1.5 kW
BatteryLi-ion, 4.5 kWh
Charging Time3 hours
Max Speed40 km/h
Range65 km
Payload400 kg
Starting PriceINR 2,38,000