EV Charge Point Operator

Charging Point Operators

EV Charge Point Operator (CPO)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular in India, with the Government setting a target of 30% compounded growth by 2030. As of January 23, 2023, there were 5,254 public EV charging stations in India to cater to the growing number of EVs on the roads. This means that for every 393 electric vehicles in the country, there is one public charging station. Although the growth of the EV market in India has been impressive, there is still a long way to go in terms of building a robust charging infrastructure to support the increasing number of EVs on the roads.

Top Key Features for Charging Stations



Do a proper survey and feasibility check for setting up sustainable Ev Charging Stations.



Mangage and serve best-in-class services to EV riders and provide complete relax while charging which incudes hassle free charging, payment, on-site support with best ammeneties



Continuous updates, survey, monitoring for EV chargers, Station facilities and product and services

CPOs are essential players in the EV charging ecosystem

Working tirelessly to improve charging infrastructure, increase EV adoption rates

Working with Stakeholders

CPOs work closely with EV manufacturers, property owners, local governments, and other stakeholders to identify suitable locations for charging stations and negotiate contracts for their installation. They also handle the back-end operations of charging stations, including payment processing, customer support, and station maintenance, ensuring that charging stations are always functional and accessible to EV drivers.

Mobile App-based EV Charging Stations

As the charging stations are self-operated, every CPO builds its mobile app that EV owners can install to initiate charging on their own. The CPOs’ mobile apps make it easy for EV owners to locate the nearest charging station and pay for charging services. These apps also provide real-time information about the availability of charging stations and the estimated time it will take to charge an EV.

Charging Point Operators

Serious players in the Charging Infrastructure

In India, there are many serious players in the EV charging infrastructure field, such as Tata Power, Jio-BP, ABB, Delta Electronics, Statiq, Charzer, and Charge Zone. These players have their networks of charging stations built in collaboration with places like housing societies, malls, highways, public parking areas, etc. They also have the franchisee model to collaborate with local businessmen. Interestingly, every CPO has its own niche, such as Kazam, which endeavors to build infrastructure using small shop owners who have some space in front of their shops, and Charzer, a Bangalore-based start-up that has partnered with a comprehensive society management system to build charging infrastructure in gated societies.